ce 1992, our company Electro MEDIA Int'l has been in the LED business in over 45 countries around the World. We started with information and advertising signs, then video screens, and now that LED lighting  products have become more affordable to consumers and the choice much wider, we decided to get into LIGHTING retail shops called “The LED Shop”, where one can find all kind of LED lamps, spotlights, floodlights, ceiling lights, indirect light, strip lights etc... for home or commercial use, as well  as all kind of LED displays and video screens for indoor and outdoor use, all at very competitive prices with 2 YEARS minimum warranty! We also provide installation & after sales services if desired. We are constantly thriving to select the best products at the best price, finding reliable suppliers with accurate delivery time in order to keep our customers very happy. Our first LED Shop has opened its doors in July 2011 in downtown Beirutarea in Lebanon, and we are planning to open more stores around the country and the World, through franchising